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What Is Math?

The word math stands for mathematics. It is a field of study. The word mathematics originates from the Greek word máthema. The meaning of máthema word is science, knowledge or learning. Both math and maths are short forms of mathematics. So, the word mathematics is the same as math. These short words often used by students and their schools for arithmetic, geometry, and algebra.

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Definitions of Math

Commonly, there is no accepted definition of math. Aristotle defined mathematics as, the science of quantity. The definition given by Aristotle prevailed until the 18th century. The study of numbers, shapes, and patterns is called math. In other words, we can define the term math as, the field of study that uses numbers and symbols for measurement, properties, relationships of quantities, and sets. According to the German philosophers Carl Friedrich Gauss, mathematics is the Queen of the Sciences.

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